Looking for a First-Class Consultant?

When you think of NewAgeMicro, think innovation. Our engineers are constantly finding ways to innovate. Our team includes hardware, software/firmware, mechanical and test experts with years of experience in their respective field. Our process of design seamlessly fits together these disciplines to provide complete
product design and testing.

Getting your product ideas acrosss is hard, and we can help;
  • We can quickly turn around a design concept to give you that look & feel you desire.
  • We can substantially decrease your time to market.
  • We can help guide your way through the complex agency testing to get your product into your customer’s hands quickly.
  • We are a brain trust that develops intellectual property for our customers. The only things as important as the people are the tools and training. The tools rule.
  • We have a staff of nearly 20 engineers and over 30 patents to our name.
  • As a whole we try to be innovative but practical. Although we are a small group, or maybe because of it, our team is nimble and highly integrated.
  • We understand what it takes to bring a product to market. In addition to agency testing there is manufacturability. If you can’t create it reliably, quickly and economically you don’t have a product.

Embedded Product Design & Development Services