About Us


New Age Micro was formed in 1980 to provide software consulting services to the Massachusetts area. In 1999 we expanded to include hardware, software, mechanical, PCB, test system design and prototyping services. We own advanced design, development, and test tools, and have mastered their use. We specialize in software, hardware, mechanical, and pcb development for real time microcontroller embedded products. The majority of our work has been for industrial process control, communications, and consumer products.

New Age Micro LLC
171 Forbes Blvd.
Suite 5000
Mansfield, MA 02048
Telephone:    508-339-3037


Managing Partners
Ext. 208 Jim Calvin CEO   /  CTO  / Principle Hardware & Product Design Engineer
Ext. 207 Steve Heflin President  / CIT
Ext. 203 Sheila Heflin CFO  /  COO / Project Administrator