Consulting Services


We have decades of experience providing software and hardware consulting services, and in 2007 we added mechanical and PCB services. We prefer to work from our facilities and provide periodic status reports and visits to your site as required. If your site is located within 40 miles of Foxboro Massachusetts we can spend more time at your facility.


Project Scheduling

We can perform the task scheduling for projects. We have the software tools required at our facility and on the notebook computer we will bring to reviews and team meetings at your facility.

Preliminary Design


Project Management

If we are providing the project scheduling, we can also provide project management. Our management experience, along with the knowledge of the expected (and many unexpected) events that occur during project development, make us well qualified to manage projects.


Feasibility and Proof of Concept Study

We have the knowledge and resources to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed product, then produce a proof of concept model.. Our studies always result in improvements to the design and reduce the risk.


Product Design

We can team up with your people to design products. We have always made significant contributions to designs we’ve been involved with. We have experience with several microcontrollers and operating systems.


Software and Hardware Consulting

We can work with your team, and provide consulting for software and engineering. We use high end notebook computers, loaded with modern software and hardware development tools. We augment your development resources as needed.

mechanical design engineering concept, a wooden desk with computer and various mechanical engineering articles

Mechanical Design

We can work with your team, and provide mechanical engineering services. We have a 3D printer that can produce plastic models of a product’s enclosure.