Preliminary Design

We have decades of experience providing hardware, software/firmware, and mechanical design. We are able to perform the initial steps required to define a product or build a demonstration model to prove (or disprove) key concepts. These efforts are accomplished quickly and economically, which makes good financial sense in the initial stages of a project when both investors and management require a good handle on the costs and minimized risks.

Preliminary Designs

This is the method we use to provide comprehensive and realistic bids for a project. We do a top level design of the hardware, software, and packaging. This identifies all the major components from which costs and schedules are created. The effort is cost effective. The Preliminary Design provides the following:

  • Detailed block diagram of hardware design, showing all significant components
  • A structured outline of all the software components in the system
  • Explanatory text that describes the functionality of all components; Estimate that shows a cost matrix of each component purchased in a range of quantities
  • Project schedule that includes all resources required to complete a prototype run, the cost, and identification of each resource.

Proof of Concept models

There are several situations where it makes sense to implement a demonstration of a key concept before proceeding with the full scale product development. We have used demonstration boards that are available from various chip manufacturers, and successfully enhanced the board and software in order to demonstrate and prove a design concept.

  • Demonstration of key functionality is helpful to round up investors.
  • Proof that a concept works reduces the risk. On the other hand, proof that a concept does not work will avoid losing money.

Project Management

Our management experience, along with the knowledge of the expected (and many unexpected) events that can occur during project development, make us well qualified to manage your project.

Feasibility and Proof of Concept Study

We have the knowledge and resources to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed product, then produce a proof of concept model. Our studies result in improvements to the design and reduce risks.



We can work with your team and provide consulting for software, hardware, mechanical, and test engineering. We use state of the art development tools. We can augment your development resources as needed.


Mechanical Design and Prototype

We have all the necessary tools to create your prototype including a 3D printer that can produce models of your product within hours. You can get the “look and feel” for your product.